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Project Description
A lean MVVM application library based on MEF. Making developing composite WPF application easier and simpler.

A simple MVVM utility library which can be plugged at any stage of the application development and doesn't force to adopt any style or convention.

It provide the following services:
  • View resolution (i.e. finding the associated view for each data model) with Composition.GetView() and the use of Attribute on the view classes
  • DataControl (View for Model helper UI class) provides Silverlight with the ability to load template for Type.
  • A ViewModelBase implementation with strongly typed property change event and data validation with attributes
  • Some new ValidationAttribute
  • Disconnected event with the Notifications class
  • DelegateCommand implementation (which automatically follows "CanChange" properties on models)
  • Windows Phone 7 supports, including a WP7 version of MEF
  • POCOBinding class (based on PropertyPath) to synchronize 2 values
  • Initialization of design time model for views, excellent for previewing DataTemplate

It comes with numerous (and informative) unit test as well as 3 samples (which have been ported to this library):
  • Josh Smith initial MVVM Demo
  • Prism’s main sample, the StockTraderApp
  • MEFedMVVM library demo, while very simple it illustrate design time supports

A detailed description of the content can be found
  • CodeProject article
  • In the HG Repository / source code, there is a Composite application reloaded file (in docx and pdf format).

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